Current Projects

writerI wish I could say I had something more exciting to add to this section of my webpage!!  Alas, I am currently entrenched in the very early stages of 3 novels which makes for a whole lot of room for change.  I will describe those in a minute.

I have also been going to a lot of effort to track down some of my old work.  Up until the summer of 2009 I found myself working on a number of different laptops, which for a variety of reasons would crash and burn on me.  I seemed to have an issue with cords failing or the connector which they plugged into.  I also went through a number of hard drive and screen replacements to which I must say I was grateful to my now ex-husband for being quite handy at repairing.  The whole ordeal was very dramatic and I learned to BACK-UP EVERYTHING even if I had only accumulated a page worth of work.  Well in that summer of 2009 I went to the trouble of going so far as to have the motherboard replaced on my HP laptop only to have my children crack the screen two days later.  I was done.  I took a trip to future shop and told them I wanted light and DURABLE.  I’ve been working off a Macbook air, without a single problem, ever since and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Back to topic though.  I’ve been trying to gather all my old work and despite having spent a lot of time denying ever doing anything beyond experimenting with poetry, I may indeed have enough to put together into a collection.  I’m undecided though as it’s all very personal and I’m not sure I feel willing to share it.

Coffee shop:  Is the current working title on one of my novels.  I had intended it to be about a girl who discovers shes a witch, but with the release of the movie “beautiful creatures” I suddenly found myself looking for a new angle.  I will update you when I’ve figured out the nuts and bolts of it but I believe I’m going more towards the girl being psychic.  A little more reality based then fantasy.

Descendents: Is a book I seem to be stumbling through blindly and unexpectedly.  It’s post-apocolyptic and seems to be edging into the world of sci-fi/fantasy which is totally out of the norm for me.  Not sure where it’s coming from but when I manage to focus myself it seems to be writing itself.  I always take that as a good sign.  I’m playing with this one more then the others.

Time of the watchers:  I have spent more time fiddling with this book then any other book I’ve even considered writing!! it gives me grief…and yet…there’s just so much there I can’t bear the idea of leaving it unwritten.  I write pieces here and there, and edit pieces out at approximately the same pace.  I have tried story boarding it but it never feels right.  I can’t say I will leave it alone because the story itself is not the problem.  It;s the complexity and the backstory that are pulling on me.  I unwittingly started to toy with the back story before I was far enough in the book and it became so elaborate as to become a series of books and I seem to be somewhere in the middle.  This set is undoubtedly going to take years to unravel and I think I’m ok with that.  Although I really can’t wait to learn more about what it’s all about.

That’s it for now folks.  I’ll keep you all updated as I move along if anything exciting develops.


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