The World According to Monsanto

MonsantoLBeware, this documentary may leave you feeling bitter, cynical and concerned;  but maybe it’s not such a bad thing.  An in depth look at the American company Monsanto, and their evolution since before the vietnam war.  This isn’t following along with the trend of making documentaries flashy and entertaining as there is far to much information to be covered to allow time for flash.  Somewhat lengthy at almost 2 hours in length but as mentioned it is covering a lot of history in regards to the company, it’s products, its employees, and it’s ill-fated consumers.

GMO foods are becoming more and more common in our food supply, a fact that we have been led to believe is perfectly safe.  What knowledge that has been hand-fed to us generally consists of a vague promise that the pesticides currently in use wont harm us and that GMO crops are superior to organics. Why are they superior?  Perhaps because they are hardier?  The truth is, most of don’t really know why GMO’s are better, or why they’re being manufactured in the first place.  The reason being is because the idea that “GMO’s are superior” is false and we are only under that impression because it is the only opinion that has been made public to us.  The reality is in fact far different.

images-1A major issue brought to light in the film is that of the Monsanto Patents.  So they have patented the work they have done genetically modifying corn as that is research and their product that they have spent money developing.  what they don’t mention is that seeds and plants do, by nature, cross-pollinate.  So whats occurring around the world is that farmers who have no interest in planting Monsanto’s corn are being contaminated by neighbouring farms who have opted to buy the GMO seeds.  once this contamination occurs that farmer is now breaking the law if they harvest and save their own seed for replanting the following year because it contains Monsanto’s patented technology.  Farmers are made not only criminals but also dependents on the very company they had only sought to avoid.

Much of the safety behind Monsanto’s products has been called to question as they delve further into the sea of incomplete research, contamination and pollution cover ups, hiring and firing of various key players and the trend of silencing any and all who speak out against the Monsanto agenda.  An agenda which seems to include taking over the world’s food supply as they are currently researching all main food supply crops and will most certainly seek patents following their work.  With over 70% of the worlds corn supply now being contaminated by GMO’S and, in effect, property of Monsanto, what do you think will happen when this percentage increases and applies to all crops?  The  checks and balances of the American system have been compromised as people in the seat of power to change policies, approve or disallow products are shuffled between Monsanto and their own FDA and USDA.  The public is repeatedly assured of their safety and yet still others live with the truth of increased rates of cancer and disease after exposure.

imagesThe future of food as being the ultimate tool for power is brought home by the end of this documentary and it really does deserve the undivided attention of anyone who has sought to understand what is happening with the controversy concerning GMO foods.


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