Avaaz in the Spare Moments of Your Life

ImageA movement that seems to be gaining ground at a steadily increasing rate is that of  Living up to its name which literally means “voice”  it is enabling millions of people the world over to use the internet as a means by which to unite.  Many global issues which have lacked significant action on the part of our world leaders and perhaps even further neglect on the part of the media, are now taking centre stage in people’s email inbox and social networking sites.

The Avaaz site itself offers up a plethora of issues demanding action and attention which may seem daunting at first glance but in reality requires mere seconds a day.  Embracing the world of technology, Avaaz now campaigns in 15 languages and is run by a core team spread across 6 continents.  If you find yourself wondering how easy it really is to take action on the many issues they present, you need look no further then their members statistics which currently have them standing with over 140 million actions taken by over 24 million members in over 140 countries last month alone; and those numbers are growing everyday.

Is it working?  take a glance at their highlights and you’ll find the answer to that question.  Receiving recognition from politicians, and news giants such as BBC, The Guardian, and The Daily Mail,  Avaaz is being hailed as the largest global movement in history.  As a proud member I urge anyone and everyone to take the time to sign up if you haven’t already done so and to spread the word far and wide.  The world is changing rapidly and it’s the unity that comes from groups like Avaaz that will help make those changes positive ones.


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