Food Inc. in Review

imagesWhile the film itself seemed to receive mixed reviews depending on it’s audience, it undeniably provides a glimpse at our food supply and the effect it’s having on the population it’s feeding.  With the rise of fast food giants, as well as corporate and industrialized food producers, we now see only a small handful of companies controlling the vast majority of what’s typically available to consumers.  The process of bringing food from farm, to supermarket and ultimately to the table has changed as drastically over the past fifty years as the farms and tables they’re being served on.  This film seeks to highlight some important points that seem to have been overlooked during those changes and an underlying theme throughout the film is the focus on the debts being paid behind the scenes to cover the costs of these changes to the food industry as a whole.

Despite criticism at the one sided viewpoint, so called “vegan propaganda” or even the opinion that industrialized food processing is an over debated topic brought up all to often by people who have no real solution to feeding the masses, Food Inc is providing a look at what is happening on not only the level of the farmers but also the people consuming the products.  This isn’t simply a case of distaste over slaughter houses as it goes much deeper then that, touching on GMO’s, and the impact on the health and safety of everyones lives they touch. chickens.jpg The long standing saying “you are what you eat”  begs the question why anyone is even surprised at the rise in obesity and obesity related diseases when the food industries constant quest is for bigger, faster, and not necessarily better products.

Without a doubt this is educational material necessary to ensure a properly informed public so they can take matters into their own hands regarding what type of food systems they want to endorse, how they wish to take care of their own personal health and that  of their families, and where they want their hard earned dollars to be ending up.  In short, the time spent watching this film will not be wasted and the information so powerful and overwhelming you may even find yourself needing to watch it more then once.


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