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Documentary Hound!

ImagePerhaps it comes from being a writer, perhaps not, but I absolutely LOVE documentaries.  Ten times more entertaining then the typical hollywood movie (although I definitely have some favourites there) and the after effect more mind-blowing and reality shattering then even my beloved Adam Sandler could pull off.

Information!  It’s a big world we live in and it’s absolutely FULL of facts and bits of intrigue to keep the mind bustling with thoughts trying to keep up and comprehend it all.  Add in the addition of world events that change the status quo world wide and suddenly the idea of writer’s block or “not having anything to write about” seems silly beyond belief.

Which brings me to my next point.  I find that I do enjoy having a blog and adding to it as much as I enjoy reading other peoples blogs BUT I need to refocus.  The purpose of starting a wordpress page, for me, was to create an Author’s website and somewhat of a portfolio.  I wanted it to focus strictly around writing and give anyone interested in my writing, for whatever reason, a place to come and gain an idea of my natural writing voice as well as information on what I was working on.  This sounds great in theory but it has a few flaws.

It’s boring.  Constantly writing about writing?  Blech!  Not to mention it really doesn’t give much of an idea of what I can or can’t write about.  In general I’ve always stuck to fiction but I have wanted to expand on that and start venturing into the world of articles.  I’ve done some promotional writing and advertising in the past but the stuff you pick up and read in places like National Geographic type magazines fascinates me.  The topics are generally what have me absorbed but beyond that I find myself marvelling over writers who in a short block can pull you in, thoroughly drench you with information and visuals, and then wrap it up leaving you something to think about.

So to help recover from a dry spell in my writing, skip the daily diary, and hopefully pass on my love of information, the new plan is to be reviewing all those fabulous documentaries I love so very much!  Please keep in mind that writing reviews is new to me and I welcome any thoughts, input, or comments along the way.  Hopefully I gain a few friends who love them as much as I do.


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