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A Deviation From The Norm – And I’m Glad of It!

logoIt seems the past while I have spent quietly reflecting and attending to the wild chaos being stirred up internally by my own inner conscious has been beyond frustrating.  An inner awakening or opening of ones eyes to things which no one wants to acknowledge only to find themselves feeling powerless to create change.  The meaning behind the words “divide and conquer” have gained such a profound level of significance in the world today that I feel our separation from each other has become as much an epidemic as ignorance, fear, or even sheer laziness.  I feel as if I am wasting words that will only fall on deaf ears in my vain attempt to give voice to the ranting and furious outrage that seems unable to find peace within me as of late; and yet I must try.

So closely are these epidemics intertwined within each other it seems almost impossible to separate one from the other long enough to explain.  We are divided in our fear, our ignorance, and our sloth like approach to understanding that which goes on in our lives, even if it is directly affecting not only ourselves, but our loved ones as well.  One word that keeps pounding itself through my mind relentlessly without giving me even an ounce of respite is “radical.”  Without a radical overhaul of our inner selves and our very state of being, each and every one of us are doomed to fall ill within this epidemic and find ourselves accepting death.  Death of thought, death of feeling and death of any hope towards action or change.  Unacceptable.

We are taught, to accept what we are told, that we are good and free and all will remain well if we place our trust in our government and follow the rules.  We are taught that much of what is done for us, if it seems uncomfortable, is simply for our own good even if we don’t see the big picture.  It is made to be an unquestionable truth that the obedient are good and thus rewarded, while the disobedient are the bad and likewise punished.  We are told pretty bedtime stories about our freedom and our rights as individuals and we are convinced of the reality behind this by our ability to work hard and obtain material possessions.  It becomes so ingrained within our core belief system that we cease to question anyone who says otherwise.  Ladies and gentlemen we are brainwashed, for this is just not the case.

Through a sleepy lack of interest we are being pushed down and made to surrender to silence, one, by one, by one.  The systems themselves designed to segregate anyone who does not comply or conform by labeling them as the problem and causing those “upstanding” individuals to hold them at arms length for fear of being cast in the same light.  With ignorant acceptance we believe, like small children, what we are told, because it is comfortable.  We believe the fictional freedom we have been handed because it is easier then opening our eyes and admitting that everything is wrong.  Its easier because change is frightening, speaking out is frightening, and the whole damn world needs an overhaul and we are to afraid of being seen as the odd, or the unlawful and incurring any of the issues that go along with that.

Are you sick and infected during this epidemic?  Or did you already die? We, as a people, have been divided…and I’m afraid in so many ways, we’ve already begun to fall.  I find myself sick with fear, but not of the things I’ve been told to fear.  I’m sick with fear of the idea that not enough of us will wake up before it is to late.

I suppose to make sense of what brought all this on, I should direct you all to the following: take the time to watch something intelligent.  We all benefit from it.


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