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Networking to Market Your Writing Skills

ImageThis is kind of a tough one for me as I find so much of my time seems to have been spent online working on putting together my portfolio, reaching out to the world of facebook, setting up an online store at lulu.com, blogging, the list goes on.

My solution to finding all the answer’s to life’s questions is often google.  When I finally had my book being distributed as an ebook and then set up for order as a print edition I suddenly found myself wondering what to do next.  I wanted to make money writing but if I didn’t find a voice in the world and get my name out there then it wasn’t going to happen.  My first stop was facebook as it was easy and familiar.  I set up a separate profile for anything book related and started adding one person after the next.  Heaps of people, from old friends to strangers, in my country or others.  It makes no difference as I want them all to see my work.

But what work? My next step was to create a website for myself.  I’ve created a couple web sites before but found that when I tried to do a google search for them they almost never showed up.  I specifically went looking for something easy to use, free, and the potential to generate a lot of traffic.  Enter WordPress.  The ability to add word tags to my blogs and interact with an entire blogging community is a HUGE plus placing it hands down the best choice I’ve made thus far in my mind.

Now I’m finding that many authors also use sites like twitter (which I’ve never tried but never liked the idea of) reddit, Linkedin, and a bunch more I can’t even remember at the moment.  I find myself wondering at the best approach to building an online presence.  I want my name and what I do out there on every corner of the web that has the potential to help me find work BUT managing all of those sites seems like it would spread a person somewhat thin.  I think I have some work to do on building a larger network on the two sites I’ve started with and that i will add the others one at a time when I feel I am more able to take them on.

I’d say that what seems to make the most sense is starting with the sites your comfortable with.  Facebook is something I think we’re all used to using at this point, just keep in mind to please please please either clean up your profile or hide it altogether and start a separate account.  I also took the route of setting up a separate email address specifically for my writing and this has been enormously useful right out the gate.  Any info regarding my blog, facebook, ebook, print book and paypal all goes directly to one inbox.  I don’t use this email for anything else other then applying for writing jobs either so it gives me a professional sounding address and leaves me free of junk mail and cluttered forwards from friends.  As I move forward I’ll let you know how the other sites work out and please, as always, any thoughts or insights are appreciated.


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