Remembering the Joy of Creative Writing

editingYou remember it don’t you?  If you were anything like me, I started writing when I was old enough to read, and I would spend days working away on my books from rough drafts to pictures and covers.  My earliest work still exist in the confines of boxes and bins in the loft of my garage. They consisted mainly of stories regarding Ziggy and his dog and I shared them with everyone when they were finished.  To me, writing wasnt work and it required no effort.  I’ve thought on many occasions what it would be like to go back to that and why it ever changed.  I think that part of the change is a result of a better grip on whats involved in the make up of a truly good book, the plot, the characters, descriptive and structural elements etc, which are all good changes for sure but I think part of what may have slowed me down in a negative way is fear.  For a long time there was a worry of not creating a book worth reading or having holes in my plot people would notice and be outraged by, an inconsistency of some kind, or grammar and punctuation issues.  The truth is I was perhaps so hung up on all these negative that I was putting far to much thought into them and not nearly enough into the story itself.

I think I may have discovered something having finally written and published my first book though that will make it all easier.  I simply don’t care anymore.  Yes making sure everything is as professional as possible is important but it wont matter if I don’t actually write the book first.  I want a polished final product and I want it to be as close to perfect as possible BUT perfection is not the main goal I have in creating my book.  I remember at one point during the writing process getting fed up with myself and actually shrinking the page down on my laptop until it was only perhaps three lines high.  There was no scrolling back to look and see how or if the words worked.  Once the sentence was written and out of my sight I had no choice but to drive forward and hope.  I learned to write without fear because regardless of whether those word made sense or not I was committed to them until the bitter end, and that was that.

Beyond this I took an extra precaution, even my editor doesn’t know (my editor is my father by the way)  I printed the monster off and sent it forward to him without even reading it through.  Hows that for throwing caution to the wind?  The truth was, it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I edited the crap out of it later sure, but the process of getting it written was done.  I’d created a book, and before I could think about the possible negative reactions by the people who read it I published it.  Again throwing fear to the wind, otherwise I may never have done it.  I find myself now with multiple books on the go and I’m grateful for once in my choice to not second guess myself.  It was never useful.  Save the editing for the end and just go for it.  You wont be sorry, and perhaps it will bring you back to the joy of the whole process you may have felt when you first began.


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