Writing Resolutions and Finding Your Muse

ImageI had sort of a mental image of flowing gowns and greek goddess type women as a photo to go along with this post, (anyone who’s been paying attention may have noticed that I enjoy putting an image to each one of my posts) however when I did a quick search I found this image and it just seemed to work. 🙂  I believe that theres certain things many writer have in common, as much as we may all try to deny the stereotype.  For me it would be the messy house, hair that sticks out at odd angles and zoning out during conversations.  I enjoy sitting in coffee shops and chewing on stir sticks while I work and even bought myself a lightweight laptop with a longer battery life so I wouldnt have to lug an entire computer bag with me.  I obsess over the perfect pair of headphones, so much so it deserves it’s own little blog. I think I may also be completely nocturnal for some reason as well.  I tend to try to pack it all in by 4am but sometimes it goes beyond.

To go with all of this I of course find myself needing music.  This brings me to my question, what are you listening to you when you write??  I used to constantly listen to Coldplay but I have recently discovered an undeniable obsession with Florence and The Machine.  They have absolutely influenced my writing both in style and fluidity although I have yet to decide if its for better or worse.  All I can say is that when listening to them the words flow from my fingertips in a way I can’t say I’ve experienced before.  I feel almost as if I can close my eyes and see the scenes play out and what I type is merely a description of this.  Not as detailed as what I normally write and yet somehow it feels more visceral in a way.  I’ll have to have someone read it eventually and get an honest opinion as to whether I should slow down and take more care before I get to far.

In any event, I’m asking for other peoples writing methods and habits in an attempt to assist me with my new years resolution.  I haven’t had a resolution for years but then I suppose I haven’t taken my goals as seriously before due to the distractions of life.  Having participated in Nanowrimo more then once I find myself setting goals for my writing base don word count.  Ideally I’d like to write 2000 words a day.  This really isn’t huge considering I mean for any 2000 words to count.  If I write a blog post or brainstorm and attack my storyline for instance, this would count as well.  So far, I’ve managed to hit 2000 words in a day only once this month though.  That being said the time I have spent writing so far this month has already greatly increased both in time and productivity which is enough to make me happy.  I don’t punish myself when I don’t meet goals, I just try harder the next day and I suppose this is key.  Anyway back to the storyboard I’ve been plugging away at.  Looking forward to some music suggestions so feel free to send me some. 🙂


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