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The Perfect Pair of Headphones and Improving Your Focus

ImageSo the situation is this.  I have 4 children, all boys, and 2 dogs.  They make for a busy happy messy and NOISY house.  The perfect environment for sitting down in front of your laptop and drifting away with your thoughts and imagination? NOT!!  I’m in whats probably known to be writers HELL! lol  So now that you have the background heres the details of how I deal.

I am on a constant quest to find the perfect pair of over the ear headphones which allow me to block out the outside world to perfect silence while at the same time not blasting my eardrums deep beyond reach into the centre of my brain.  I have tried earbuds with the whole suction cup deal so they go right inside your ear, they were great for the gym, alas, this is a no go for my house.  The trouble is anything can be blocked out with MORE noise and too many of the headphones on the market use the strategy of enabling increased volume as the solution.  Something tells me I’d like to be able to hear beyond the age of 50 however, and all those DJ’s out there with hearing issues don’t make it promising.  Noise cancelling headphones specifically are the key I’m looking for here, that being said there as many headphones marketed with this claim that simply are NOT noise cancelling.

In my experience tough design almost seems to decline as the price goes up.  Almost as if sound quality takes away from the product quality overall, as if the manufacturer was trying to cut corners elsewhere.  Take the price up even further into the over $300 range and you tend to find a good solid product with good sound quality and some decent noise cancelling ability.  That being said, if I’m going to invest in excess of $300 on a pair of headphones I don’t want them to be good, I want them to be damn well perfect.  Nothing is perfect you say? Well if your willing to slap a $300 price tag on a pair of headphones they better be damn close to it.  Speakers were invented some time ago and yes technology has made advances but for $300 sound better have been reinvented and it better not break, if it does, I want it replaced.  If my dog bites the squishy ear cover off, I want you to send me a new one and I want it yesterday.  Point me to the company that has achieved this both in quality of product and service and I’ll buy, until then, let me show you what I got.

I’m currently sporting a pair of skullcandys which I love for their ability to cancel noise and deliver crystal clear sound, and their wicked design both in appearance and in quality. They seem to be surviving in my house which is also a plus since finding tough design is not as easy as one might think and yes they are blocking out nearly all the noise.  There’s better out there I’m sure, if you wanna pay for it, but for the price of 39.99 they are by far the best choice.  I don’t mind paying for something that’s worth it but nobody has been able to point me to a set of headphones worth their price tag in the hundreds.

Ps do a google search for skullcandy and take a peek.  If you’re anything like me you’ll be in love with all the awesome designs!


One thought on “The Perfect Pair of Headphones and Improving Your Focus

  1. I am always in the lookout for good headphones and I absolutely REFUSE to spend $300 on them. I will definitely be trying the Skullcandy ones (even though I hate skulls- I have to compromise somewhere lol)

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