Exploring The World of Print on Demand

Book_as_table_leg-737444So in the past week or so I have managed to set up this site, set up a facebook account under my pen name, and published my first ebook.  Although I’m still working away at my writing and experimenting with different ideas in that regard, I find myself wondering how else I could be taking steps towards getting my name out there and potentially making a little bit of money.

Much of what I have been reading online has led me to a site called Lulu.com.   Having visited their site I like what I see and have started the process of getting my book up on there as well.  It’s free to upload, they give you the option of using your own ISBN or one of theirs which is also free so for someone in my shoes who is starting this flat broke it works.  The steps are fairly straight forward and easy to follow and you can be up and running in a very short period of time.  The books are higher cost then something you would pick up at your local bookstore but I mean really what do you expect? It’s getting printed, cut, and bound on an individual basis.  That’s pretty special in my humble opinion.

I read somewhere once that one man’s door stop is another mans most prized novel.  I’d say that pretty well sums it up for me.  My book might not be that great, in fact I know it’s really probably not, but considering that it takes just as much effort to write a bad book as a good book I’ll take that title of Author as my own and keep going until the book I produce is less of a doorstop.  In the meantime I also intend to use Lulu as my print on demand service so that people like myself and my parents and maybe a few others out there in the world can have them to hold in their hands, to breath deep and smell the pages, and maybe use to hold up a table leg or some other such useful function beyond a doorstop.


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