My First Ebook Cover

cover1The follow up to that post on my struggle with obtaining an ebook cover is here!  So I did some digging and discovered a post by William King, which I will be trying to add a link to on my page as it helped me immensely.  I’m new to this whole blogging thing so forgive me if it takes a bit.

Anyhoo, if you’ve had a peek you will see the image of my very first ebook cover.  I don’t think I can really express how excited I am not only have one but also to have made it myself.  Did I mention it was completely free?? That’s right! I found a stock photo website called stock exchange that has some really good photography that anyone can use.  I was actually really impressed with the fact that although I’d combed through pay sites for days without finding anything that really felt right for my book, I actually found a few photos I liked on the free site.

Once my photo was selected it was a matter of following the directions on William King’s blog for creating a simple yet functional cover using Powerpoint.  He spends time explaining that this is probably not the ideal program for many people but that it is an easy and useful way for someone (like myself) who has next to zero knowledge of how to use many seemingly basic graphics programs.  The part I loved was that Powerpoint was already on my computer and I was familiar with it.  The fact is, anyone who is comfortable using Microsoft Word (and I’m sure anyone who spends their time writing is) can figure out how to use Powerpoint in a very short period of time even if they have never used it.   I’m super happy to have found this method, thrilled with the results, and grateful to William King for taking the time to explain it.  Also to Stock exchange and the user Zelee for providing me with a fabulous (and free) cover photo.  What do you think? Will it hold its own with the Professionals??  Got any feedback??


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