The Decision to E-Publish

And so it goes that although I haven’t joined the world of e-readers (in fact I’ve never before seen an ebook aside from the previews pre-loaded into the Kobo’s on sale at Walmart) I have decided to take the leap and epublish my first book.  What started as a short story for National Novel Writing Month a few short years ago blossomed into a full blown book and having spent so very long working on it I simply don’t have the patience to spend endless amounts of time chasing publishers and agents in what I’ve been led to believe is a near futile attempt at a book deal.  Times they are a changing and although I would undoubtedly love to see myself in print one day i find myself quite content to market my own work for now and let it speak for itself.  Perhaps this is a naive approach in that even if I happen to have written the most spectacular work of fiction seen since Charles Dickens it doesn’t necessarily guarantee a positive response, in fact it may not find any notice at all.  That being said I have faith in my work, my ability to market, and people’s love of the written word itself to garner some notice of some kind.  Whether I have a future best seller somewhere in my collection of work or something that may never speak to the soul of a single person I’m content with the fact that I have accomplished something i set out years ago to do; I completed my first book, and I fully intend to put it out there for better or worse.  Fingers crossed!


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